About us

Our mission

  • Lead the luxury journey of our buying and selling clients through leadership, experience and knowledge.
  • Engage in honest, fair and ethical business practices.
  • We are committed to passionately exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • Provide innovative strategies for business development.

Our vision

  • Delivering an exceptional real estate experience to every client.

Our values​

  • Professional in our approach, entrepreneurial in our thinking and loyal in our dealings.

Marco was born in Liège, Belgium, where he worked for almost 10 years for the largest steel producer in the world. A keen traveller, it was during one of these trips that he fell under the spell of Tenerife and decided to realise his dream with his fiancée: to move to the sun. Having gained personal experience in the real estate business in Belgium, he became interested in the local property market and decided to become an estate agent, which was the best opportunity he could have had, and which would offer him great career development opportunities. The work as an estate agent quickly paid off: 24 properties were sold in the first year. After 3 years, having gained some experience and developed a large network of clients, he decided to open his own real estate agency under the name MV Immobilier. The agency is quite small but sufficient to start. Thanks to the loyalty of his clients, the agency took off very quickly and after only one year, his friend Raphael Gigliotti decided to join him in the adventure. Together they recruited David Vander Borght to develop the Dutch-speaking network and Vanessa Villegas Martinez for the German-speaking network. With this quartet, the agency grew and became too small. They decided to open a larger agency of 80m2 and formed a complete multilingual team with an international orientation. Marco is a determined, persistent, dedicated and goal-oriented person!

Mathilde was born in France into a large family where she learned from an early age to share and respect others. During many years as a high-level sportswoman, Mathilde grew up in a world of discipline and rigour punctuated by numerous trips and unforeseen events. After having been a sports coach in skating for a few years, she reoriented herself and entered the world of banking and insurance, integrating large national and international groups. After various professional experiences and numerous moves, Mathilde could move to Tenerife in 2013 and arrives with the idea of staying for only two years. But Mathilde’s life is often full of surprises, and after spending two years focusing on practising her foreign languages and discovering the island, she decided to settle down permanently and started working in the tourism industry as a public relations manager. After 5 years of experience in tourism, it is with great pleasure that Mathilde joined us in 2022, to accompany us in all our real estate transactions as Agency Coordinator. In her free time, Mathilde likes to read, go hiking, discover new places and restaurants with her friends, and especially enjoy her family.


Raphaël Gigliotti

Commercial director


Raphaël was born in Belgium into an Italian family where he quickly learned respect and education. His first professional experience was in a family business in the hotel sector, where he was able to develop his skills with the best professionals. A few years later, he decided to change direction and specialised in logistics, joining some of the most powerful international companies in the sector. A traveller at heart, in 2007 he had the opportunity to move to Valencia and fulfil his dream of going abroad. After four years with the same company, he decided to move to Tenerife and set up his own business. Two years later, a well-known franchise company made him an offer to buy and offered him a guaranteed job. This new venturte lasted 7 years. However, Raphaël soon became interested in the real estate market, managing holiday rentals, until he decided to take on a new personal challenge and develop his sales skills by joining the professional team at Marco Volpini Immobilier. In his spare time, Raphaël enjoys sports, travelling and spending time with his family.


Sales manager


Vanessa was born and raised with Spanish parents in Germany, where she had the chance to experience both German and Spanish cultures. There she trained as a language correspondent and administrative technician, specialising in English, German and Spanish. After working in large international companies where she was able to continue to train and develop her career, the time came for her to see the world and she moved to Tenerife to support the creation of a new company. It has been 17 years since she moved to this beautiful island, and it is here that she has found her happiness. She has worked in large Spanish companies in the tourism sector as well as in the banking sector, as an executive secretary, sales representative, and bank manager. Thanks to her evolution in these different sectors and her diverse professional experiences, Vanessa has acquired a number of skills, such as perseverance and empowerment, which allow her to excel in her new professional activity. Proactive and autonomous, she joined the Marco Volpini Immobilier team in 2021 and is already very successful. She says she has found her vocation, not to mention that she can finally combine her work with her personal life, which is the most important thing for her, being a mother!




Valentina was born in Italy and studied at a prestigious language school in Rome. At the age of 19, she moved to Tenerife and started working in the hotel and tourism sector. In 2015, she opened a family restaurant in the south of Tenerife. After four years of work and dedication to her own business, she started working for other large companies in Tenerife, where she became familiar with different cultures and languages and improved her sales and customer relations skills. Later, Valentina became interested in the real estate market and joined the team of Marco Volpini Immobilier, where she works every day with great dedication and professionalism, offering her clients the best treatment possible. In her spare time, she continues to deal with the customer relations of her restaurant and to take care of her family.


Marco was born in Verona, Italy, into an Italian-Dutch family. His first
professional experiences took place at an early age in the family hotel
business, working hand in hand with his parents to make the family
business prosper. In his spare time, he worked as an ambulance rescuer,
years rich in experience and valuable knowledge that he still uses today. In
2011, he decided to change his life and landed in Tenerife to live with his
grandparents. There he will start to explore different fields, and his passion
for water and water sports leads him to be a beach lifeguard for 3 years.
Following this experience, he decided to leave this job to create his own
business. For two years, he managed a crêperie in a gourmet market. But
little by little, his passion for the real estate market will take more and more
place and it is finally in 2019 that he starts his career as a real estate agent.
A few years later, he joined Marco Volpini Real Estate, with his greatest
motivation, professionalism and impeccable style to take care of each of his
clients. The key to his success lies in creating a professional relationship
based on trust, transparency and the search for the dream property for
each client.
Marco is a passionate, loyal and responsible person, who loves the company
of his family, which will always remain his greatest motivation.




Victoria was born and raised in Moscow, where she specialised in business administration and management. For the first five years of her career, she worked in auditing and finance in the banking sector, speaking Russian and English. In 2008, she discovered the Canary Islands and in particular Tenerife, which has become her favourite holiday destination. Victoria was so taken by the environment, nature, atmosphere, and people that she decided to study Spanish in 2009 at a language school in Moscow. In 2011 she moved permanently to Tenerife, where she started practicing languages, exploring the island, and enjoying the best climate in the world. Thanks to her professional experience in an international sector where she already practiced several languages, she decided to move to the tourism sector. After a few years of professional practice, in 2019 she entered the real estate sector where she met a wonderful and very professional person: Marco Volpini. In 2022 she joined the MV Immobilier team, where values such as respect, teamwork, attention to clients’ needs, professional approach and growth are those she shares. She is very happy that her current professional activity is her favourite subject and hobby. According to her: The personal approach to the client, the application of the accumulated knowledge and the desire to find the best solution for the client’s needs are the keys to success. In her free time, Victoria likes to go to the gym, read, be in nature and enjoy life with her friends.




Anne was born in Belgium (Limburg) and grew up in a welcoming family.
Coming from a family of independent entrepreneurs, she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and feels very involved in her work.
Anne is a very sociable person and enjoys contact with others. She is also very caring and loving, having had her own business as a nurse, where she worked in Belgium for more than 15 years with all her heart and soul.
She has been coming to the island for more than 30 years, so she speaks Spanish fluently, which makes her feel at home.
She and her husband love to travel and their love for Tenerife has grown over the years.
They have fallen in love with the island of eternal spring, the sun, the sea and the culture of its people. Apart from her work as a nurse, she has always been passionate about beautiful houses, which she takes pleasure in furnishing to make people feel in a cocoon of well-being, until the day she decided to follow her dreams and move to Tenerife with her husband.
When she researched the island’s property market, Marco Volpini’s office stood out, synonymous with class, speed and, above all, quality. That’s how she got in touch with Marco Volpini, and that’s how they started working together.
In his spare time, he enjoys discovering new things, eating well, paddle surfing, dancing and going out with friends and family.


Mattia was born in Italy, Milano area.
His strong human and intellectual curiosity is the result of the interweaving of different cultures of his roots.
Raised in a family where they taught respect for everyone, humility and perseverance.
Graduated in accounting, he then chose activities where he could realize himself in public relations, design and creativity, sectors to which he feels particularly inclined and sincerely gifted; attending design and marketing courses, in Italy and abroad, he lived in London for several periods to make new experiences in a new multicultural environment.
He has lived in Tenerife since 2013 where he is at ease in terms of acclimate, freedom of movement, open-mindedness, internationality.
Always interested in real estate and knowing the real estate world from Italy, he decided to make it his main profession here in Tenerife, also managing holiday properties. This activity also allows him to better manage time with his son/family and the sport that is essential for him.
His motto is “mens sana in corpore sano”.
He is loyal and direct and aims to create a cordial relationship with the customer.




Giorgio was born in Rome, where he graduated in Economics and Business Studies, specialising in accounting.

He started working in the commercial world at a very young age, in sales and business development for a national and international construction company.

Thanks to his passion for travel and language learning, he had the opportunity to manage collaborations with companies in different countries, including projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which further marked his desire
to discover new countries and cultures.
In 2015 he arrived in Tenerife, deciding to completely change sector and dedicate himself to the world of hospitality; taking advantage of his previous experience in the management and development of business projects, he had the opportunity to lead large work groups in important local companies.
The challenge and passion for his work were constant motivators in his search for new challenges, a search that ended when he discovered the world of real estate, which fascinated him.
His studies in economics and law, his sense of human relations, his command of languages and the fact that he works in front of the public fit perfectly with the profile of this new profession, which fascinates him more
and more every day.
In 2024, he joined the Marco Volpini Immobilier team, having the opportunity to work with a group of professional and dynamic real estate agents with whom he shares the passion and ethical values that characterise his work.